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Professional customer service team

We have a professional and experienced customer service team with good foreign language communication skills and professional knowledge in the machinery and equipment industry. We can introduce various parameters of the fruit net machine, product quality, production operation status and all issues that customers care about in detail through email, whatsapp chat tool or video call. Let customers fully understand the purchased fruit netting machine.

With thoughtful service, we have won the trust and love of our customers. For customers who purchase machinery and equipment, not only product quality and price, but word of mouth and after-sales are also important considerations.


Our service content and commitment to customers

precautions for purchasing machinery and equipment

our commitment

The fruit netting machines that our factory promises to export are unused and brand new production lines. All accessories meet the national quality inspection standards. Through the on-site video, after the customer confirms that they are satisfied, they will be packaged and shipped for export. During the production process of the customer, if there is a problem with the equipment, our company is responsible for free replacement or repair, and all costs will be borne by our factory. In addition, our factory implements life-long maintenance on the sold equipment, and provides customers with the best original accessories in time.

pre-sale service

Answer customers' various questions about the fruit netting machine, and introduce the functions and operating parameters of each part of the machine in detail. Let customers fully grasp the specifications and quality of the products produced by the purchased machines before purchasing the equipment. I plant the purpose is: honest and trustworthy. To ensure that the customer's investment can get the maximum return. The reputation of the factory is very important. Customers are requested to check carefully before purchasing equipment, and do not purchase equipment with low production efficiency, poor product quality, and irresponsible after-sales. Word of mouth and after-sales service are very, very important to customers.

Provide comprehensive technical support

After the fruit netting machine arrives at the customer's factory, we will arrange foreign engineering and technical personnel or Chinese technical personnel to arrive at the location designated by the customer to install and debug the equipment in advance. After the equipment is in normal production, the customer's production personnel will be trained on-site to teach the production personnel to operate the machine skillfully. In the follow-up production, if there is any problem, we have professional engineers to assist to ensure that customers can get help quickly and solve problems quickly

Pre-sale test machine

Before the export shipment, we start from the warm-up of the machine and show the complete production process to the customer through a live broadcast with the customer. Ensure efficient, safe and stable operation of all parts of the machine. Let customers be satisfied and assured. Only after the customer is satisfied, we can deliver the goods, so that each machine can produce high-quality products like our trial process after arriving at the destination, so as to ensure that customers earn the maximum profit. This is our commitment and our permanent commitment.

After-sales service

We provide timely after-sales service, solve all problems of customers in the production process, and ensure efficient operation of machines and safe production. In order to ensure the maximum profit of customers. Our sales staff not only sell equipment, but also are experts proficient in equipment production and debugging. Because our equipment is exported to foreign countries in large quantities every year. Most domestic factories also use our fruit net machine production line. The domestic share exceeds 95%. If you have time to visit, we can take you to visit the production site of the equipment produced by our factory at any time. Some factories export 1-2 units per year, and their sales volume in China is also very low, and there are very few factories using their equipment, so we also recommend that you do not buy equipment from such factories, and beware of being deceived.

Professional installation and commissioning

After the machine clears customs and arrives at the customer's factory, first: we have professional foreign engineers responsible for installation and commissioning. Second: We can also arrange Chinese engineers to go abroad for installation and commissioning in advance. Whether it is a foreign engineer or an engineer from China, after the equipment is debugged, they are responsible for teaching the customer how to use the production line. Until the customer learns and can operate proficiently. If there are other problems in the future production process, foreign engineers will arrive at the scene to solve them immediately, and they can also make video calls with Chinese engineers to solve all problems in the production process. Customers please rest assured that we have also brought you enough accessories to ensure that your production will not stop due to equipment reasons. Thereby ensuring your profit maximization

complete contract

Our factory signs a complete purchase and sale contract with customers. When the equipment is loaded into the container, we live broadcast the packing process with the user and provide a complete packing video. After the container leaves the Chinese port, we immediately provide the customer with all customs clearance information, including packing list, invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin and other procedures. Ensure that customers can quickly clear customs, and the purchased equipment can be put into production as soon as possible to create maximum benefits.

visit the factory(*Precautions!)

We welcome customers to visit and inspect our factory. We take care of the airport pick up and return the client to the airport after the end. During the visit, we are responsible for the catering and accommodation of our customers. Lead you to visit and inspect the factories using our equipment, explain the production process and machine operating parameters of our equipment to customers on site, and give customers the most satisfactory visiting experience. The fruit production area is near our factory, and there are a large number of fruit net processing factories using our equipment, so we can visit and inspect anytime and anywhere. If customers do not have time to come to China, we can also provide the contact information and addresses of other foreign customers who have purchased our machines, visit your local nearby factories, learn about our equipment quality, after-sales service and reputation, and listen to the most authentic voices and users Comment. Finally, I hope we can cooperate happily, bring you the greatest profit, and let your investment get the greatest return.
Please remember: no matter what kind of mechanical equipment you buy, if you can take you to the production site of the equipment, visit the operation of the equipment, and carefully observe the quality of the processed products. It is the best way to prove whether the equipment can stand the test.

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