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The most authoritative and professional EPE machinery manufacturing base in China

       Our factory has specialized in the research, development and manufacture of fruit netting machines since 1998, and has a history of more than 20 years specializing in the production of complete sets of fruit netting equipment related to EPE equipment. After these years of hard work and technology accumulation, we have made great progress in the field of fruit netting machines, and have a number of production patents for equipment components.

       We have a team of professional engineers engaged in mechanical development, manufacture and installation. Developed a series of mechanical equipment for customers, including fruit net packaging machine, fruit net buffer machine, banana spacer, pearl cotton cutting machine, etc.

       The equipment of our factory has been widely purchased and used by major domestic processing factories, and foreign customers have repeatedly purchased our machines many times. This is enough to show that our equipment is cost-effective, reliable in quality and stable in performance.


It is recommended that you choose the equipment produced by our factory, because after customers purchase, they still choose our equipment when adding new machines.

  If you choose our factory’s machinery and equipment, it means that you will get a series of best cooperation and the best quality service from consulting to design, installation, transportation, export, customs declaration, after-sales service, etc. If there is a problem in the production process, you can contact us at any time, and we will provide you with timely service immediately. In addition, we have after-sales service offices abroad, and we also have the most professional foreign engineers to provide you with: equipment installation, commissioning, and responsible for teaching you how to skillfully use our machinery and equipment to produce high-quality products. This is your strongest guarantee for maximum profit.
Everyone wants to achieve, to be great, and is always looking for a way to make it happen. So, what can you do to make yourself grow faster?
The answer is simple, it is to walk with excellent people.
So when buying equipment to process your products, we sincerely recommend that you buy equipment that others are buying and using, because this is the common choice of your peers, because such equipment is the best and can stand the test of time . At the same time, it also ensures that your investment can get the best return.
Never buy a device that no one uses, has low market share, and is cheap. Due to the poor matching of each part of this type of machine, the failure rate is too high, the running time of the machine is uncertain, and the product quality is also unstable. Even the best engineers can’t debug.

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