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The net sleeves produced by the fruit netting machine production line are used for packaging: apples, mangoes, pears, oranges, watermelons, etc. They can also be used to package fragile items such as flowers and roses, as well as glass bottles, ceramics, etc. Etc. cups and other mesh covers to protect fruit during transport and storage. Has good protective effect.
The EPE foam mesh production line can also produce pipes, rods, wall panel materials, special profiles, insulation pipes, foam rods for construction, etc. by changing the die head.

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Our factory has been specialized in producing fruit netting machines since 1990. The technology is mature and stable, suitable for long-term production. The market share of netting machines in China has reached more than 95%, and they are exported to Southeast Asia, India, Europe and other countries. We have professional installation engineers abroad who can ensure the stable operation of netting machines abroad. We also have a strong after-sales team in China. Welcome to contact us, we will provide you with very favorable quotes. And we can also customize different models of fruit netting machines according to customer needs.

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These are all equipment produced by our factory, with stable production all year round. (Partial display)

"The most reliable equipment, the most powerful after-sales service" is the reason why customers choose our factory!

Welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the most favorable quotation, and a variety of fruit net machines for you to choose.

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