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Our factory specializes in producing: fruit net packing machine, fruit net buffer machine, banana spacer, pearl cotton cutting machine, etc.

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With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. In China, the domestic market share of our fruit net machines is over 95%, and a large number of products are exported abroad.

Functions of fruit net production line

The net sleeves produced by the fruit netting machine production line are used for packaging: apples, mangoes, pears, oranges, watermelons, etc. They can also be used to package fragile items such as flowers and roses, as well as glass bottles, ceramics, etc. Etc. cups and other mesh covers to protect fruit during transport and storage. Has good protective effect.
The EPE foam mesh production line can also produce pipes, rods, wall panel materials, special profiles, insulation pipes, foam rods for construction, etc. by changing the die head.
watch the video below,These are all fruit netting machines produced by our factory


For foreign customers, we can also provide the address and contact information of the factories near you. You can visit the local factory before deciding whether to buy equipment from our factory.
If you need, please contact us, we will provide you with more videos of the production situation of domestic and foreign customers in time. This is the best proof for the fruit netting machine produced by our factory.

The quality of the equipment depends on the production situation of the factory, any advertisement can not replace the production site

Fruit net machine video introduction

These videos were just sent to our factory by domestic customers. We need to follow up after sales regularly. The fruit netting machine at the processing plant pictured below has been in operation for over 12 years. They have no issues and are still running at full speed. Since it is not yet the season when a large number of fruits mature, the equipment of some processing plants has not yet been fully started. After all the machines were started, the scene was quite spectacular. The video of the small processing factory will not be shown here. Because too many videos will affect the opening speed of the website. If you need, please contact us, I will send it to you individually.

Other equipment produced by our factory

epe foam pipe machine

epe foam pipe machine

Used for air-conditioning pipe sleeves, toy guardrails, etc., with good elasticity and heat insulation performance.

Fully automatic plastic PE automatic PLC control EPE PE foam sheet cutting machine

automatic cutting machine

EPE foam material cutting machine is mainly used for automatic trimming and shaping cutting of composite EPE foam sheet.

foam fruit net pad machine

foam fruit net pad machine

the bottom of the fruit box, the fruit growing period, and the interval between items, which play the role of buffer and protection.

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